Saturday, December 27, 2008

White Christmas

Grandma and Grandpa
Some of the cousins in there Pajamas
Cache Christmas morning...He stayed up way to late watching the new T.V.

Our Christmas Tree...?
My Pajamas
Cache in his matching Pajamas
O how he loves his T.V!

Christmas has come and gone so soon. This year it never felt like Christmas to me and I'm not sure why? Maybe it is because there was no kids around, caches family is away, my family is in St. George and we are to old. I still had a lot of fun though. I bought cache a T.V. for Christmas this year...I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't resist seeing such happiness on his face this year...he deserved it! I surprised him good with this gift. I thought he was going to start jumping up and down and flapping his arms. ( he said he about did but was afraid the neighbors would see him) Forget having kids cache is great on Christmas!Cache spoiled me as well I got some super
cute jackets, books, makeup(he is a great makeup shopper he always hunt for the clinque gift!), and a buch of little thing he remembered I wanted. We did P.J.'s on Christmas eve at my grandma and grandpas. I look forward to this every year. It makes me feel like a kid again! My grandparents always make me feel like a kid again...I love them so much! On Christmas morning we headed back to O town to enjoy my grandpas fabulous breakfast-Scones, hash browns, eggs, ham and coffee-I am pretty sure I gained 10 lbs. The rest of the day Cache and I just lounged around and enjoyed the flat screen. Good bye bunny ears...hello HDTV!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow, Food and Family

I thought I would post some pictures of our adventures this past month. We went to Cache's parents for thanksgiving this year and then made the trek to St. George. Ahhh sunshine! Thanksgiving was small but fun. Easton was the only kid around for it. I love that kid! We never get to see him much but when we do we savor it. We spent awhile playing Iron man with him. The game consisted of Cache and Easton fighting with imaginary powers and me hiding behind the chair guarding the fort and cheering Easton on. I love kids and there imaginations I wish my was still as vivid. After dinner we went bowling...that's right folks at the same bowling ally that Gary Colman got arrested at. I wish he was there! Friday we drove to St. George where we were greeted by sunshine. Cache ended up putting up my mom's Christmas lights while I was basking in the sun. I felt bad for him because he was sweating like a pig! We spent time with all my family. It was Laura's B-day and we celebrated at her house. I love seeing my brothers and sisters. I 'm not sure how they all ended up in St. George though. My nieces and nephews are there now which made the trip worth it. My sisters kids are so stinking cute. I wish they were closer =( All in all it was a good weekend until we had to come home and reality set in and I had to go back to that dreaded place called work! I think you should be able to retire 25!