Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Music=Good Times!

The last couple days have been filled with good music and friends. Can I just say I love the combination?! I have to admit I have some of the coolest friends around! Every time I go and hang out I ask myself "why am I such a home body?" I love getting out yet I love lounging around my house so it's a constant fight between the two. Thursday was Earth day, what was your earth day resolution? Mine this year is to start composting and to reduce in every way possible considering reducing is the most important R. I went to the Earth day concert at the Gallivans center. The weather was great and filled my soul full of energy. Michael Franti & Spearhead played.....spectacular is the descriptive word I choose. It was so much fun to relax and dance in the sunshine. I ran into JoJo and Mark there which was the cherry on the cake. It was so good to see them, it has been awhile since I have seen that crazy couple! I can't wait for the Twilight concert series this year. My goal is tho go every Thursday or at least the ones that have a good band playing. Last night was the winner though, Sober Down played at the Huka bar. This is a completely unbiased opinion but they were soooo good!!!! I am so proud of them and I get cold chills to here them play. Watching your friends on stage completely at ease and engrossed in what they love is a happy spot for me. It was VERY good on the ears too. Jerica and I went to see the show. It was so much hanging out with Jerica, she is such great fun! I can't wait for all the shows that Sober Down will be playing! I speculate that there are good times ahead!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Useless facts!

What occurs more often in December than any other month? Conception.

A survey of 1000 American women and men revealed this as their least favorite household chore. What is it?
Vacuuming the stairs.

In a recent survey, Americans were asked what one modern convenience they could not live without. The most common answer...
Scotch tape.

Only 14% of Americans say they've done this with the opposite sex. What is it?
Skinny dipping.

Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of what? Their birthplace. This is propinquity.

The average person will spend approximately one year out of their lifetime doing this. What is it?
Searching for lost or misplaced items.

Most executives say this automatically eliminates a candidate from consideration for a job - what is it?
A typo in their resume.

More women do this in the bathroom than men.
Wash their hands.
Women - 80% Men - 55%

If you're single, there's a 1 in 3 chance you did this the last time you were with your significant other.

It takes an average person about 7 minutes to do this.
Fall asleep.

What is the most common name in the world?

What do 100% of all lottery winners do?
Gain weight.

Surveys reveal that girls do this for the first time in their back yard.
First kiss.

A "Bridal Guide" survey reveals that 77% of all newlywed couples do this.
Sex in rooms other than the bedroom.

In a recent survey, Americans revealed that this was their favorite smell.

It takes an average woman 14 minutes to do this after she gets in bed.
Turn off the lights.

If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"?
One thousand

The odds are 1 in 2 that your best friend will do this if you are a married man.
Fantasize about your wife.

What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common?
All invented by women.

And more..................

Coca-cola was originally green. 
Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than for the US
Smartest dogs: 1) border collie; 2)poodle; 3)golden retriever.

Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters.

Men can read smaller print than women; women can hear better.

Amount American Airlines saved in '87 by taking out 1 olive
from each salad served in first class: $40,000
City with the most Rolls Royce's per capita: Hong Kong

Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33

Average number of days a West German goes without washing his underwear: 7

Percentage of Americans who say that God has spoken to them: 36%
Percentage of Americans who regularly attend religious services:43%
City with highest per capita viewership of TV evangelists:
Washington DC
Percentage of American men who say they would marry the same woman if they had it to do all over again: 80%

% of American women who say they would marry the same man: 50%
An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.
n the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees.

Polar bears are left-handed.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

The youngest pope was 11 years old.

Mark Twain didn't graduate from elementary school.

Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving dinner.

Your nose and ears never stop growing.

Hot water is heavier than cold.

Starfish have eight eyes--one at the end of each leg.

Iceland consumes more Coca-cola per capita than any other nation.
I bet you are a better person knowing this information.....Your Welcome!
(I need a hobbie!)

Happy Easter you little beaster!!

Cache on his Easter egg hunt...he still has 2 more to find!

Happy Easter you little beaster!!
Easter so far has been uneventful as usual. We went to breakfast this morning with a couple friends which was delicious and fun. I highly recommend Blue Plate Diner to everyone. All I have to say is...Vegetarian biscuits and gravy! OMG!!! Cache finally got his present. In case you were wondering it was an electric toothbrush! I know this is a very old man gift but Cache is turning into quite the old man. Nothing seemed more fitting than this for my obsessive brushing man! (Thanks Tammie and Jade!) Tammie got him a very Cache gift as saver storage packs! Yes my whole house is now compressed into baggies.
My mom, sister and nieces and nephews came down over the weekend as well. Our whole family was born in the first week of April I swear. We had a huge birthday dinner and cake. It was so nice to see everyone and hang out. My grandma, sister and neice went to get pedicures adn manicures which was so nice! Trinity and I got a pedicure which was the cutest damn thing I have ever seen.

This is the cute little dress I made Trinity. Is she not adorable?!

My not so little brother holding Cache.