Saturday, January 24, 2009


Cache finally got glasses! Since I met him...about 8 years ago....he has been complaining that he can't see. He finally went to the doctor and got glasses. It is about damn time! After he went and picked up his glasses he said " I was driving down the road and I put on my glasses and I could read the street signs!" SCARY!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My new sweet baby - Baby Cherrington!

So after this little experiment and based on the results,I have decide we will not procreate. I will not have any buck toothed rug rats running around calling me mom....these creatures are scary! After the magical inter-web made our babies I told Cache "Look at out ugly babies!" and he replied back with "How could you say our babies are ugly...I think there cute!".......Only a face a father could love!

My new sweet baby - Baby Cherrington!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Music

So I felt inspired to blog about two of my favorite artists. I just bought Nina violets new album called Lose Strife...I am in love all over again. She has only put out two albums, the other is called invisible orchestra, I love them both! I am excited to have a new album of hers to add it feels like sweet sugar to my ears =) I first discovered her at a Willy Mason concert in SLC. Enough can't be said about his music. If Nina Violet is like sugar Willy Mason is like crack! My friend Jerica (who I don't spend eough time with=( ) and I went to see him a Nina Violet play...all I have to say was it was fabulose! And in case you were wondering Willy Masons hair smells as good as it was nice and greasy. I don't know why but I have an obsession with smelling peoples heads...and his smelled great! I made it a point to ask him a question just to smell his head....I am pathetic I know! Mental note*there are probably some things I shouldn't share....O well it's my blog!
Albums to buy...

Nina Violet-Invisable Orchestra
Lose Strife
Willy Mason-If the ocean gets rough
Where the humans eat

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A few of my favorite things!

As I have been going through my pictures from the last couple of years I found a few that tugged on my heart strings. I have such great family and friends and some beautiful pictures that capture what I love! So...I thought I would share what makes me happy! (be patient there is only a few)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Costco is way to big for us!

As you can see we have no room for Costco in our mini apartment. There is something about buying quantities of 48 that just makes me happy though, especially toilet paper...nothing is worse than running know what I am talkin about! This is our laundry room window, believe me there is more stashed elswhere. We don't call this white trash we call this insulation...o hells yes!

Forgive me...for I have sinned!

Yes that's right I cooked a pheasant! It was horrible, cold, lifeless and bony! There is a great couple that come to my wine and cheese classes religiously that were so thoughtful to bring me a freshly killed pheasant. (I think they were thinking of cache in this gift) I wasn't sure what to do with it, and I don't think cache was sure he really wanted to eat it, so I Googled it. And what do you know...Ta da! Honey Roasted pheasant! I was torn between to worlds A. be wasteful and throw it out or B. be a doting wife and make my man some meat! I chose option b...not fun or rewarding to my soul. Cache liked it...I think? To be honest I think he was just as weirded out as me by the boney bird. Word of advise...let the bird go free...I don't think there worth the kill!