Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Boston.....

He's here! Finally Boss is here and doing well. I went down last weekend to see the new little guy and he is adorable! He has such a good temperament and is so pleasant and happy. I am so happy for Jordan and Josh they will make such great parents. Jordan has eased into being a mother so naturally and Josh is such a doting husband and father. I couldn't be happier for them! Congratulations!

I Love having nephews and nieces....they make me happy. I only wish that they could live closer to me! :(

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is that what they call a parade?

We went to Wyoming with my family a couple of weeks ago. We went to Boulder Wyoming population 75! That's right 75, no typos here. My Grandma insisted that I go to the rendezvous "it is so much fun. There is a huge parade and lots of candy and shopping!" Because I love my grandma I went. While I was there attending the "great parade" I thought to myself "this is no parade this is just a bunch of small town hicks showing off there atv's and farm animals!" My nephew was even bored! He prefered sitting on a rock under a tree with uncle cache. Excluding the parade, lack of activitys, my whiny little brother and nephew and Trinity's obsession with petting every dog she sees and telling the owner " Your dog is cute! Can I pet him?" it was pretty fun. I love my grandparents and with nothing else to do I enjoy spending time with them. My Neice and nephew are fun to be around as well. Cache and I don't get very much kid time so when we do we enjoy it......for a minute.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009


In all my dready lovin days I have never seen a dread lock like this! This is Guineas Book of world records shit! Cache and I went down to our favorite Chinese restaurant today and witnessed this amazing dread...good thing I had my camera. =) I saw this man walk from behind the building and I said to cache " O look there is a homeless person diggin through the trash." once he saw us he started to walk away and my jaw dropped right then and there. I made cache stop so I could take a picture. That sucker must have weighed at least 40 lbs. and has taken at least 40 years to grow. I give this homeless guy mad props for growing the best dready I have ever seen! After seeing him Cache says.." he looks like a beaver!"
I love Salt lake!!!