Sunday, March 29, 2009

LaTe NiGhTs+the InTerWeb=UsEleSs InFoRmaTion!

What number to you call for this towing service?
Is this considered a car seat?

I bet you wish you didn't see this. Now you can share in my torment!

All of us know how a Chick hatches from an egg. But have you ever thought what must be the real process or metamorphosis that must be going on inside the egg? Well here are some images of what actually happens inside the egg & how the chicks are formed & believe us once you have a look at it you will be quite amazed and slightly disturbed. Omelet anyone?

Happy Spring Everyone!

The BIG 28!

Happy Birthday!
It was Caches birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday Cache! I can't believe he is 28 this year. How time fly's! I still think of him as 20 years old and so eager to turn 21. It is amazing how much of our lives we have spent together, I couldn't imagine my life any other way. After this birthday you could tell how long we have been together. I woke up and got him his most favorite doughnuts (Branburry Doughnut in SLC) and coffee. He swore off donughts a few days before but his birthday was an exception. Later we went to eat at the Counter and went to see -I love you man- I give it a B+ in case you were wondering . After that we came home and Cache decided he wanted to learn to sew. Watch out everyone we have a new seamstress in the house! Don't worry Cody and Hanna thanks to cache you will have your baby blanket in no time. He was way into it! I love that about Cache. He gets into somthing and gets so excited. He is actually very detailed an quite the perfectionist with his sewing lines. Last but not least I got him a really old person-but totally Cache kinda gift. I can't say what it is because it hasen't come in the mail yet. The anticipation is painful! He keeps asking question to figure out what it is and this is what he has to work with so far...
-You can attatch it to your belt-weird but true!
-You use it often
-It makes sounds
-It has small images
-It's not taller than 12"
-It won't fit in the mailbox
***It's not a Gigga pet-Cache already asked that

What do you think it is?

Birthday Donughts

Cache wanted Root beer floats to go with his birthday dinner at his mom and dads.( he wanted Turkey dinner for his birthday meal...Isn't that weird?) Since he picked floats Lynn stuck his candles in ice cream. You can always rely on the Cherringtons to make your birthday feel official.

Introducing Martha Cache!

Happy Bithday Love!

He's Here!

Finally baby Bobby has arrived! I was so hoping for him to be born on Caches birthday but he was much to excited to come. Looking at his perfect little face and his little Janel ears make me smile. I am so happy and proud of you guys for making such a sweet and beautiful family. Eliza and Bobby have all they need between the two of you.
Enough gushing and on with the pictures......

He looks so angelic in the picture. Can you hear harps?
With a pout like that he will certainly get anything he wants.

Look at his cute little Janel ears...Awwww!
Eliza and Bobby

This picture of Eliza is my most favorite picture of all time. I am pretty sure the two of them are related. The only difference is Bobby carries the Asian gene a little stronger. =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ta Da!!!!!

(mostly you will ruin your surprise, which will be sad.)

I want this to be a surprise...can you tell?

After picking peoples brains, a bag of Cadburry eggs, and almost losing an eye I finished baby Bobby's quilt! At one point the needle broke and hit me in the eye...can you say special? After that Cache busted out his most stylish pair of safety glasses ,with sincere concern, insisted that I wear them. God bless him for having to deal with the most uncoordinated and accident prone wife! I had so much fun making this quilt I have about 6 others planned. We'll see when I burn out since I tend to do this. I get all excited about something but I never turn it into a long term hobby I just move on and find something different or end up watching an unhealthy amount of T.V.. I never would have finished this quilt if it hadn't been for Tami and the ladies at Material Girls fabric store. Tami was able to answer all my questions that made no sense at all and give me answers( how she made since of what I was asking or explaining is beyond me!) And the Ladies at Material Girls made me feel like I could quilt a mountain if I wanted to. I was convinced that I would end up having someone else quilt the blanket for me but after talking to them I was an inch taller and full of confidence. I questioned there suggestion shortly after starting but I made it through. I would also like to thank god and my directors, but most of all I want to thank my fans......Just kidding I started to feel like I was giving an acceptance speech. Can you tell I have had to much coffee?
Here is the final result.....

After all was said and done the final test was the washing machine. I kept my fingers crossed the whole time. I was terrified that I would open the lid and it would be a tangled we of string. Lucky for the washing machine it did no harm. I think it could sense my penetrating nerves and knew better than to mess with me.

Looking good right? This look is my Sunday best....don't be jealous. I bet you are wondering where I managed to quilt this in our tiny apartment. Lets just say the place is covered in thread and fabric! The whole time I think this made Cache tense which would explain why he kept the Dustbuster at hand. I swear he is the character of of Wallie that is constantly vacuuming.