Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Gonna Patten That Shit!

So after I posted the blog below I forgot something I wanted to share, but I don't want anyone to steal my idea so don't get any bright ideas. I Love to talk to my sister in law Tammie Ann on the phone and we tend to talk for hours on end when we do. The last time I was talking to her I invented the poor man's blue tooth. It is my new hands free mobile device that can be used practically anywhere (at least inside the house, I do not recommend going outside) It was great cause I could talk and do dishes at the same time without getting a kink in my neck! While talking to her on the phone I said " I wish you could see my new invention!" so this one is for you Tammie Ann! If you really like my new devise feel free to use it at home but remember... I am gonna patten that shit! I also wanted to blog about a book club. I really want to start a book club! I have tried this before and it has failed miserably (Janel would remember!) Tammie Ann and I have talked about starting one so I was thinking we should start one in the blogging world. I am not sure how to start a book club so if anyone has ideas or wants to be in one let me know. Winter is the best time for reading and I am dry on ideas so any suggestions would be appreciated. Do you have to have a president of the book club? I'm' just not sure.....

By Request....

By request I have a new friend and her name is Tammie Ann (not Tam!) I am sorry for this mistake! (by your message you do need a break from the boys, I hope this makes you happy =) HAHA! I love you and your bitchiness!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I pretty sure I have the best husband ever!

Like I said, I am pretty sure I have the best husband ever! I have been soooo sick the last week or so. Last night I was up all night coughing up a lung.. it was awful. Cache kept asking me if there was anything he could do but me being the tough girl that I am said " no I am fine" By the way I hate it when people won't just let you help them. haha! After what felt like hours of coughing cache got up at 4am to go get me cough drops, tea and lemons. How sweet is that! I know its not a lot but is the little thoughtful and sweet things that cache dose that makes me love him. This is a picture of him letting his nieces paint his nails and toenails, I swear he would do anything for his nieces and nephews. So since I have been sick tired and bored expect a little rambling on my part.
First I want to say I just finished the book Escape and it was so good. I highly recommend it. I borrowed it from caches mom thinking it would be an ok read but it turned out to be quite the page turner. Also if you have never read the Green Book you should it will change the way you think about your impact on the environment. Just a little FYI...
"Pens-try to buy reusable pens, pencils and markers. Disposable plastic pens arn't recyclable, nor are they biodegradable. Throw one away, and it will still be in a landfill fifty thousand years from now." That is soooo disturbing! I am a pen horder so this will be a hard habit to break. I have a drawer full of pens. I am that person who is constantly stealing pens every where I go. At any given time you could find at least 10 pens in my purse. Dr. office pens are the best!
Last but not least Crumpets are in! If you have never had a Crumpet you need one. They are like English muffins but better. They have more little holes in is so when you put butter and jam on them they turn into juicy goodness. I get them at Harmons(of course!) and they are only available seasonally so get them while the gettin is good!
Also another thing I want to share is I am so happy Barack Obama is our president! This is the first time in my life I have been proud of our president. I truly believe that he will change the direction of our county and guide us in making this world a better place. I know a lot of people might feel differently but I had to share how proud I am. For the sake of keeping friends if you don' t agree with me lets be sure to never talk politics.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting, Halloween and Resting....Ahh

This has been great week. Thursday we went to see Thriller with Cody and his wife Hanna. It was so fun! If you have never seen it I highly recommend that you go. I love the bones dance it is my favorite. I tried to take a picture but it turned out kinda bad. It is a rhythm dance and they are in glow and the dark skeleton costumes.
The next day Cache and I went and voted, this was really exciting for me. This was the first time either of us went to vote. We went up to campus for early voting and I was surprised that the wait was 45 minutes. I was glad that we got into the election, it has been an exciting campaign and a very exciting time to be in America. After we went and voted cache went to work and I went over to my grandparents. I love going to my grandparents house they are my favorite people in the world! I learned one valuable lesson this year and that is to never talk politics with my grandma especially if you are voting for Obama. After all the arguing I am still not positive why she and my mom are convinced he is the anti-christ. That is a whole different blog in itself! Anyways...we ate chili and I took my cousins Trick or Treating. They have to be the worst trick or treater ever. When I was little I remember going to as many houses as possible and as fast as I could. They were so slow! They would skip houses, turning down candy and were begging to go home after the first block. Lame! O well I guess they had fun.
To top the week of all weekend we have been at caches parents, it's like a mini vacation. He has been working down here so we decided to stay at the Cherrington pad. It's so great! There is food, cable, big screen T.V's, a fireplace and four wheelers. I love it! The fun will be over tomorrow and we will have to head back home to our little casa. It was fun while it lasted.
Happy Halloween everyone and happy election day! May all your wishes come true!