Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is that what they call a parade?

We went to Wyoming with my family a couple of weeks ago. We went to Boulder Wyoming population 75! That's right 75, no typos here. My Grandma insisted that I go to the rendezvous "it is so much fun. There is a huge parade and lots of candy and shopping!" Because I love my grandma I went. While I was there attending the "great parade" I thought to myself "this is no parade this is just a bunch of small town hicks showing off there atv's and farm animals!" My nephew was even bored! He prefered sitting on a rock under a tree with uncle cache. Excluding the parade, lack of activitys, my whiny little brother and nephew and Trinity's obsession with petting every dog she sees and telling the owner " Your dog is cute! Can I pet him?" it was pretty fun. I love my grandparents and with nothing else to do I enjoy spending time with them. My Neice and nephew are fun to be around as well. Cache and I don't get very much kid time so when we do we enjoy it......for a minute.....

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